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Free Dead Or Alive

Set along a dangerous trail to the Mexican border, a knife-wielding heroine born into poverty must escape a ruthless cartel to find her freedom.

Release date : 2022

In the gripping story, a beautiful El Salvadorian woman flees abuse and falls in love with a hard-hearted coyote along a deadly journey through the treacherous Mexican migration route. The film is set along a dangerous trail to the Mexican border, where every migrant is prey to assault, extortion, sexual abuse and murder, perpetrated by a wide range of violent characters.

The story captures Eva, a proud knife-wielding heroine born into circumstances of poverty, that force many women into a life of prostitution and abuse. Unwilling to compromise, she will risk it all to be free. Her aspirations for education and a better life fuel a deep hatred for all men, until she meets a skilled coyote named Dragon, the one man who can protect her dream through the journey through hostile lands where the cartels are the law.


Edy Ganem

Seth Michaels

Robert Lasardo

Dyana Ortelli

Robert Avellanet

Director/ Screenwriter

Erik Bernard

Behind the scenes

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